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What is Cruise control Re-Programing

Original program 100% functionality

Engine control module or ECM that responsible for all of engine operation

We re-program cruise control function into it.using same program that vehicle with cruise control equipped vehicle.

We can guarantee  our system safety.

What is cruise control

Perfect assistance for highway driving

Cruise control is a system that automatically controls the speed of a vehicle. It helps you relax while you're driving on a highway and  avoid subconsciously violating speed limits.

Why you have to enable cruise control with us

Stay safe with our Cruise control

Our cruise control system consists of ECM Re-programming . No piggy box require(Box that lock Accelerator pedal sensor signal. Fooling ECM that you're stepping on gas pedal) which can occasionally malfunction.  



Enable Cruise control function

for D-MAX Mu-X

  • No separate piggy back box !

  • Cruise indicator on MID !

  • 100% functional and Reliable 

  • Increase/Decrease in 1 km/h step

  • Brake and clutch pedal override.

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Satisfaction guarantee

Money back with in 7 Days !

No question asked.

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Re-program cruise control for D-Max & Mu-X

 Special price : 5,900 THB

For MuX DMAX since 2011

Price exclude spare part.

Cruise control system that operates flawlessly like factory equipped 

  • All new D-Max 2012-2017 Manual/Automatic

  • Engine 1.9 2.5 3.0

  • Mu-X 2014-2018

Safety is our first priority

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Bangkok ,Thailand

Riyadh and Hail ,Saudi Arabia



(+66)0649761480 Thailand

(+966)539090753 Saudi Arabia

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Our service

Enable cruise control of D-Max and Mu-X

ECU Remap service for Diesel truck

- Injection quantity adjustment

- Common rail pressure adjustment

- Torque limit in Manual transmission 

- Turbo boost pressure adjustment

- Accelerator pedal adjustment

- Throttle valve fully open adjustment

- Turn off Diagnostic Trouble Codes/Onboard Diagnostic

- Increase redline

- Disable speed limit

- Reset factory default. (For someone who  accidentally lost their rom)

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